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welcome to my food my choice - MFMC

MFMC is a web-based app for people with intellectual and developmental differences (I/DD) to choose healthier food items for meals and snacks.

Caregivers and eaters can select pictures of favorite and familiar food items from our shared food catalog or create their own pictures, and assign coin reward values for choosing healthier food items.

Caregivers load the foodpic board with available food choices for upcoming meals and present the screen to the eater, who chooses food items from the foodpic board and is rewarded with virtual coin accrual, clapping, and confetti when they select healthier Food items with positive coin values.

mfmc gradually re-shapes eaters’ food choices and willingness to try healthier versions of familiar foods, and even new items -- more fruits and veggies, anyone?!

this app has the potential to improve health outcomes by helping eaters select foods that are lower in added sugars, saturated fats and sodium, and increase fiber intake which may support digestive health and fullness.

MFMC was a vogt award recipient in 2023 and a startup to watch in 2024

About us

Terri Lykins is a registered dietitian with over 20 years experience helping people with intellectual and developmental differences (i/dd) live healthier, happier lives.

Terri started her own consulting practice in 2001, and has been contracted by agencies in four states, and with anthem healthcare corporate, to design health solutions for this population.

in her current role as the nutrition care coordinator of the Lee Specialty clinic in kentucky, she realized through customer discovery, and decades of experience, that caregivers are in the “hot seat” with food choices.

People with I/DD want to be in control of what they eat, but caregivers want them to eat healthier, often resulting in ongoing disagreements.

Caregivers want and need to know what healthier options exist for the familiar foods their eater prefers, and how to encourage them to make better choices without being seen as controlling.

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my food my choice addresses caregivers’ four big pain points:

  • how to stop the constant disagreements about food?

  • what foods are healthy?

  • what are correct portion sizes?

  • how can I buy healthier food that won’t be wasted?

For just $10 per month, your eater can have input and control of their food choices, as you guide them toward healthier food items with higher coin values.

This population has much higher rates of diet-related chronic diseases, many of which are preventable or treatable with a healthier diet.


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Easy Wins with Food Choices

By Terri Lykins, RDN, LDN

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’ve helped people with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other intellectual and developmental differences (I/DD) for more than twenty years with food choices, menu planning, movement and health improvement.

Studies show that this population tends to die twenty years sooner than neurotypical people, of diet-related and largely preventable diseases...